Innovators Society of Northwest Indiana

On October 20, I had the privilege to attend the induction ceremony for the class of 2011-2012 of the Innovators Society of Northwest Indiana. The goals of this organization are;   “To promote creativity and innovation. To discover and honor innovators and innovation across the generations for the greater good of our region, state nation and world.”

I felt, indeed, privileged to be invited to such an event which honored so many of the innovators of our region. These folks are the idea people and more importantly the action people of Northwest Indiana, the thinkers and doers. From politicians to doctors to inventors and business heads; all were present to support innovation and celebrate creativity and the passion for the work of innovation which is to leave the next generation of this world in a better place than where we found it.

All of those who have sacrificed time, money and effort to take up the challenge that we have laid down as our “RACE FOR THE FUTURE” must also be celebrated as innovators and doers. Sacrifice was involved, to be sure, what good might we all see of this effort? Time will tell; but for sure, we will leave the world better off for our efforts.

Ivy Tech Society of Innovators

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