Indiana Welcome Center

We are preparing for an exhibit at the Indiana Welcome Center. For the month of April the city of Whiting will be featured and we were asked to participate. My basement car will be on display as well as the air powered vehicle that Robert Evans entered in last year’s race. I want to especially thank Robert and his family for supporting our effort and loaning us his vehicle for the month. Many different aspects of the history of Whiting as well as life in the “Little City on the Lake” will be celebrated. Many groups have gone all out to make this month long event a success. The School City of Whiting has a full size, walk in display featuring their long history and contributions to the city. The Symphony in the Park event and Pierogi Fest are represented and the town’s art galleries are displaying their works. If you have an opportunity in the next few weeks;  come out and visit us. The address of the Welcome Center is 7770 Corinne Dr. Hammond, Indiana. It is located on just off of Kennedy Ave. one block south of 80/94.

Indiana Welcome Center

View of the Welcome Center

Basement Car Arrives

The basement car arrives, my brother Mark and his wife Jenny in the background

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