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It is our mission to create a venue, in Whiting Indiana, where inventors of engines and self propelled vehicles powered by nontraditional sources can come together to compete and exchange ideas. We wish to encourage inventors, whether novice or seasoned professional, in their craft by offering recognition, media coverage, and cash prizes so that it is exciting and worthwhile to take up our challenge. We are dedicated to nurturing of the creative spirit in all men and women.

Not all groups, individuals or organizations have such honorable intentions. As we strive to encourage we also caution inventors to be aware of those who might take advantage of creative talents and ideas. A patent attorney and member of our Advisory Board has prepared a disclaimer printed below and has listed useful links for inventors who wish to ensure protection of their ideas, as a service to inventors we include those links in the disclaimer.

It is our intention that the Alternate Power Initiative be a positive and energizing experience for all who participate. Thank you for taking up our challenge, we wish all of you good luck, in your continued creative endeavors.

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Disclaimer and Inventor InformationThe Alternate Power Initiative is not a law firm and does not provide legal or patent, trademark or copyright advice. This message is not to be considered legal advice.

Under the laws of the United States and most foreign countries, you may be able to protect your ideas by obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Further, you may be able to maintain your ideas as “trade secrets” by protecting them from non-confidential disclosure.
All submissions to the Alternate Power Initiative are on a non-confidential basis. Disclosure of any inventive part of your idea to the Alternative Power Initiative or others prior to applying for a patent may result in loss of potential patent rights in most countries of the world.  If you are concerned about patent protection we recommend that you consult a patent attorney for professional advice.  If you wish to learn more about the patent process, you may want to visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office website at http://www.uspto.gov/; the Patent Office has some resources available for individual inventors at http://www.uspto.gov/inventors/independent/index.jsp.

Both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the USPTO have on-line publications designed to help consumers avoid invention promotion scams and improper business practices.
To view the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Alert “Spotting Sweet-Sounding Promises of Fraudulent Invention Promotion Firms” go to
To view the USPTO publication “Top Ten SCAM Warning Signs “, go to