Goals and Objectives


Create a competition, with Whiting Indiana as venue, for self propelled vehicles powered by nontraditional, green energy sources.


  1. To promote the creation of a vehicle for inner city transport which uses a renewable nontraditional source for power.
  2. To negotiate a 5 mile, predetermined course a with self propelled vehicle
  3. To hold the competition in conjunction with “For the Love of art” and National Inventors Month (August) 2010.
  4. To follow the rules set forth by the governing body (Advisory Board) of the “ALTERNATE POWER INITIATIVE”.
  5. To attract donors and sponsors so that a prize can be offered.
  6. To create a simple set of rules that will encourage rather than inhibit creativity.
  7. To provide media coverage and recognition to all participants so that it is worthwhile, and exciting to participate.
  8. To encourage inventors to practice their craft and to honor the attempt no matter the outcome. (There is no failure in trying)
  9. To establish 1st and 2nd prize for the race and prizes for most original design and most creative design.