Guillaume Pourtout: Inventor of Instant Biofuels Powder

I’ve worked on “Instant Biofuels” since 2000, and believe that the future of these new biofuels is the US market.

Want to reduce fuel price & pollution? Want to double production of fuels without double number of  refineries & crude importations? Want to increase the life expectancy of oil? Just dilute oil with “Instant Biofuels Powder” and replace imports by jobs!

Contrarily to Bio-Ethanol and Bio-Diesel, my biofuels are biodegradable & non toxic, don’t freeze in cold conditions (suitable for air transport), don’t evaporate in hot conditions (suitable for ground & sea transports) and don’t require subventions from taxpayers due to their lowest price ($200 Ton – $0.60 Gallon).

I a ready to give permission to use for free my patented “Instant Biofuels powder” to all serious experimenters who can engage a vehicle in accordance with API’s motors rules.

Conception de produits
86, Avenue de Villiers
75017 Paris
Phone/Fax: + 33 (0)1 42 27 30 01

Instant Biofuels Powder Demo

Instant Biofuels