2010 Press Release

We’ve recently been profiled in the Times and the Post-Tribune.
The date is approaching fast!

The City of Whiting Indiana will be hosting an Alternate Power Initiative on August 28, 2010 and are seeking inventors up to the challenge.

A $7,000.00 first prize and $3,000.00 second prize will be awarded to the successful entrants.

This competition, to be held annually in Whiting Indiana, will promote the invention and manufacture of vehicles powered by motors which will not pollute the atmosphere and will run on renewable resources.

Our automotive companies are in trouble and in desperate need of innovative thinking to get themselves out of it. The problem is that instead of looking to the nation’s inventors, who are working independently and quietly in their garages and basements, they are looking to engineers who will only offer more of the same old solutions that got them into trouble in the first place. According to Arthur Molella, Director of the Lamelson Center for the Study of Invention at the Smithsonian Institution, “An important distinction needs to be drawn between engineer and inventor; the former mainly solves technological problems, while the latter creates new things”. We need new solutions to solve the energy crisis we face. America must promote its native talent, the home grown inventor.

This competition creates a venue where all can come and share their ideas.

An Advisory Board of engineers and inventors has crafted a set of rules which, we believe, will stimulate and challenge the creative minds of our nation.

Whiting is a fitting location for such a race because it was here in 1909, at the Standard Oil Refinery, that Dr. Robert E. Humphreys invented the process of “cracking” heavy oil that made the economical manufacture of gasoline practical thus ushering in the age of the automobile.

The competition is a five mile endurance run using typical city streets and driving conditions (the National Personal Transportation Survey 1990 determined that 63 percent of all automobile trips in the U.S. were less that 5 miles).

This race and related activities of the day will encourage inventors of every age and background (garage and basement inventors are especially welcome) to share their energy saving ideas with the world.

No idea will be considered too simple or “crack pot” all be allowed to compete.

The race will exclude photo voltaic and fuel cell technology, since these fields are already being explored extensively by major design facilities.

It is expected that eventually worldwide attention will be drawn to Whiting Indiana where the ideas to power the future will be born.

This is a call to all those interested in the future of renewable energy. We will need enthusiastic volunteers with diverse talents to join in this effort. If you are a creative and have ideas of your own come rub shoulders with others interested in inventing the future.

We have thrown down the gauntlet.
Are you up to the challenge?