Creativity Unleashed

Inventors! Join us in August 2011, at the second annual “Race for the Future”, sponsored by the City of Whiting, Indiana and the Alternate Power Initiative.

A cheer arose from the crowd of spectators as inventors at the controls of oddly shaped vehicles lurched to a start for the first annual “Race for the Future” sponsored by the City of Whiting, Indiana and the Alternate Power Initiative. The future of personal transportation was not ushered in by an explosive roar or a cloud of noxious exhaust but by a cheer for those inventors bold and innovative enough to take up the challenge and brave enough to pit their machines against the creations of others and the streets of Whiting.

In August 2009 the Alternate Power Initiative published a call to creativity, and a challenge to inventors around the nation:

Build a vehicle that can travel five miles powered by an alternate power source and race it through the streets of Whiting Indiana.

Some laughed and said that it could not be done, others said that inventors would never join our quest. Yet the challenge was met. None achieved the ultimate goal of five miles but all who participated gained the knowledge needed to succeed in the fall of 2011. All who met the rules received cash prizes based on distance travelled and were rewarded with the pride that comes of meeting and overcoming a difficult challenge.

Why is this race so important? Here is a quote from an Editorial written in the Times of Hammond Indiana, September 3, 2010 entitled: Accelerate race toward energy alternatives.

“Thursday’s explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico reinforced the need to develop technology for fossil fuel alternatives.”

“The oil rig explosion Thursday was nowhere near as bad as the the BP oil well disaster, fortunately. It is, however, a reminder that getting oil from deep underground is a dangerous business.

It’s even more dangerous when that drilling is in a foreign country, because that introduces the threat that the host country could cut off the flow of oil to the United States.

Sen. Dick Lugar, R-Ind., and others have hammered home their point that this nation’s reliance on foreign oil is a serious national security concern.”

The Race for the Future 2010 is history. It was a meeting place for creative people, a venue for sharing ideas, it was a beginning.

Mark your calendars for August, 2011. Join the Alternate Power Initiative as we invent the future of alternate power in Whiting, Indiana.

Inventors and creative problem solvers!
We have thrown down the gauntlet.
Are you up to the challenge?